Flight School For Kids

Children at Ozone Flight School For Kids can learn the basics of aviation in the wind tunnel and participate in indoor skydiving, providing a fun and safe experience for children to jump without the need for real flight as it simulates skydiving but in complete safety and under the supervision of professional trainers.

A strong airflow is provided for children to fly in, and they are taught the fundamentals of aviation by qualified instructors, with the necessary equipment for skydiving provided for children. This includes learning to fly and soar in the air, control altitude and descent, basic aerial maneuvers such as rotation and tilt, and control of direction and speed.

Starting 1st November

Learn The Fundamentals

We teach the fundamentals of wind-tunnel flight, aerial, acrobatics and group flight.

Classes Time

Classes will be held twice a week

Group A

Sunday & Tuesday (6students)

Group B

Monday & Wednesday (6students)

8 Lessons

8 Lessons per month, each lesson is 5 flights

80 Flights

Total of 80 flights per month with a professional coach

Age Limit

Kids from age 6 - 14 years


180 KD

For Reservations Kindly Contact

The skills that children can learn at Ozone Flight School For Kids

Learning the basics of aviation in the wind tunnel can help develop a variety of motor and cognitive skills.

The experience of indoor skydiving encourages children to improve balance and boost self-confidence, enhancing their ability to learn as it pushes them to challenge themselves and acquire new skills. The experience of flying in the wind tunnel stimulates children’s creative and imaginative thinking to try new movements in an enjoyable environment.

Ozone is one of the best entertainment places for children in Kuwait for both entertainment and learning.

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