First Timers & Kids

Prepare to embark on the adventures of flying in a wind tunnel that simulates skydiving, but in a safe and comfortable environment. Enjoy the thrilling and safe flying experience, and feel the joy of flying.

Let your child unleash their imagination and experience a unique opportunity to learn flying skills.



It is a most unusual feeling, because you find yourself in a completely new environment, in an air flow that takes you off the ground. When and where else in real life can you experience the emotions of a free fall that is absolutely safe? flying in a wind tunnel at Ozone is like going skydiving, only without leaving the city and in any weather!

The Ozone wind tunnel is designed with the latest technologies that produce a large amount of wind through giant fans that help push the wind through the vertical tunnel.

Beginners in indoor skydiving activity can receive training lessons, and these courses include teaching participants the necessary basics to control their movements, balance, and control life safely.

In Ozone

Kids Can Fly

Many children dream of flying like their favorite superheroes. Ozone will help you make your child’s dream come true.

Indoor Skydiving is an activity that your child will not easily forget.

The experience is filled with fun moments and adrenaline, and will improve your child’s confidence and motor skills.

indoor skydiving experience provides several benefits for children, including:

It encourages children to engage in physical activity and active movement, helping them maintain their physical fitness.

It can help improve balance in children.

The indoor skydiving experience inside the wind tunnel helps children overcome fears and enhance self-confidence.

It encourages social interaction among children and enhances social skills such as cooperation, communication, and learning from others.

It provides a fun and exciting experience for children, helping them enjoy and relax while unleashing positive energy.

Give your child happiness through an exciting and rewarding experience. You will not find better places of entertainment for children in Kuwait than Ozone.



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