Ozone Pro

You can now start Indoor Skydiving Training at the first wind tunnel in Kuwait with Ozone, whether you are a beginner or have previous experience. Participants learn the necessary basics to achieve balance and control in flight inside the wind tunnel.

Start Training Now!

When starting the Indoor Skydiving Training , participants are provided with necessary equipment such as suits, helmets, and protective goggles, and they are taught the basics to ensure their safety and control of movement inside the wind tunnel.

After completing the basic lessons, participants can begin applying their skills and improving their performance in the wind tunnel. They are provided with guidance and instructions from qualified trainers to perform more challenging and exciting maneuvers.

" I want to be a PRO FLYER "

Is your first step into the world of professional flying! The course includes ten personal training sessions 1.5 minutes of flight time each, special suit and a full-faced helmet, a detailed briefing and explanation of each exercise, as well as postflight in-depth analysis based on the video.

Learn six basic skills

During the course you will learn six basic skills of moving in the air flow and after finishing it will enjoy the "PRO" status, enabling you to buy flight time with a 40% discount for further training and development in indoor skydiving.

Personal Training



Indoor skydiving in the wind tunnel is an opportunity to improve focus, emotional control, overcome fears and challenges. Participants learn how to control thoughts, emotions, and focus on the goal. 

Experience the most beautiful moments at Ozone, one of the best places of entertainment in Kuwait for enjoyment and excitement.

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