The important precautionary measures for practicing indoor skydiving sports.

indoor skydiving sports is a fun and exciting sport. Ozone Kuwait provides you with the first air tunnel to practice this enjoyable sport safely. Therefore, we will explain the important safety procedures for practicing air tunnel flying.

Intensive Training: It is necessary for individuals to receive comprehensive and intensive training before attempting to practic indoor skydiving sports . Training should be received from professional and certified trainers who are well aware of how to teach proper jumping techniques and safety.

Use of Protective Equipment: Individuals must use appropriate protective equipment while jumping in the air tunnels. This equipment includes helmets for protection against head and facial injuries, goggles for protection against wind and small particles, and properly fitted jumpsuits.

The basic skills needed for practicing indoor skydiving

Adherence to Rules and Guidelines: Individuals must adhere to the specific rules and guidelines set by the trainers and the management of the air tunnels. This includes safety and security rules, as well as proper handling of machinery and equipment inside the tunnel.

Physical and mental readiness: The person must be in good health and have sufficient physical strength to engage in skydiving. They must also have physical endurance and the ability to handle the pressures of jumping and controlling the body in different positions.

Strict adherence to trainer instructions: The person must be prepared to listen and follow the trainer’s instructions accurately. Complying with the given guidelines is a fundamental step in maintaining personal safety and protection.

Types of suitable protective equipment used in indoor skydiving:

Helmet: The helmet is considered one of the most important protective equipment for protecting the head and face from injuries. The helmet should be specially designed for indoor skydiving and fit the person’s head size properly. It should be strong, lightweight, and provide effective protection for the upper part of the body.

Protective goggles: Protective goggles are used to protect the eyes from strong winds and small particles that may fly in the indoor skydiving tunnels. It is preferred to use goggles with clear, scratch-resistant, and anti-fog lenses to ensure clear vision and protect the eyes from injuries.

Appropriate attire: Wearing suitable and securely fastened attire is necessary for protection during indoor skydiving. It is recommended to use attire made of strong, tear-resistant materials with enough flexibility for free movement. The attire should fit the body properly and allow easy wearing of other protective equipment.

Protective Gloves: It is preferred to use protective gloves to protect the hands from injuries during jumping, and the gloves should be made of strong and corrosion-resistant materials, providing a good grip and protection for the palm and fingers.

Here are some examples of suitable protective equipment for indoor skydiving. It is always recommended to consult with professional trainers or experts in the field to receive specific guidance on the appropriate equipment for your needs and specific jumping conditions.

At Ozone Air Tunnel, we provide you with complete protection to enjoy the happiest times in the best entertainment places in Kuwait, without any doubt.

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