The basic skills needed for practicing indoor skydiving

practicing indoor skydiving is a modern sport that utilizes vertical wind tunnels with powerful airflow. These tunnels allow trainees to experience parachute jumping without the need for outdoor skydiving.

Indoor skydiving suit: Trainees use special suits called “indoor parachutes” or “air shields” to maintain their shape and avoid falling while flying in the airflow.

practicing indoor skydiving provides individuals with the opportunity to experience the sensation of flying and parachute jumping in a safe and controlled manner. Trainees can jump on their own or under the supervision of professional instructors who guide them and provide necessary instructions to improve their techniques and jump more professionally.

The difference between jumping in air tunnels and freefall parachuting.

This sport is enjoyable and gaining popularity among adventure sports enthusiasts and those seeking a unique flying experience and simulating the parachute jumping experience. Indoor skydiving tunnels may be available in special training and entertainment centers, and competitions and tournaments may also be organized in this field.

The basic skills that a person needs to skydive in wind tunnels

To skydive in wind tunnels, there are a set of basic skills that a person needs, here are some important skills:

Balance and Air Control: A person should have the ability to maintain balance and control over their body in the air, including the use of muscles and precise movements to control direction, speed, and altitude.

Gravity Control: A person needs to understand how to deal with the force of gravity and its related effects while jumping in the wind tunnels. They should have the ability to adapt to changes in force and control their movement accordingly.

Body Equilibrium: A person must have strength and stability in their body to deal with strong air currents inside the wind tunnel. Maintaining body equilibrium and balance is crucial for effective control.

The ability to respond quickly: A person needs to have the ability to react quickly and make the right decisions while jumping, as rapid changes can occur and the person must adapt to them immediately.

Self-confidence and mental resilience: It requires courage and self-confidence, as the person must have the ability to deal with fears and have mental resilience to face challenges and confront them with confidence and calmness.

Commitment to safety: The person must be aware of safety rules and preventive measures related to skydiving in wind tunnels, including understanding how to use protective equipment and adhering to the instructions of professional trainers.

These are some of the basic skills that a person needs to skydive in wind tunnels. Proper training and guidance from professional trainers should be received before engaging in this activity.

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