Ozone Flight School For Kids for teaching the basics of aviation in an indoor wind tunnel

Ozone Flight School For Kids teaches the basics of aviation in a closed air tunnel, is an exciting and fun educational institution aimed at teaching children the fundamentals of aviation and enabling them to discover the world of aviation in a safe and interactive way.

The closed air tunnel is considered an ideal environment for learning aviation, as it provides an experience very close to flying in the air without the need to climb to high altitudes.

The closed air tunnel realistically simulates the flying experience in the air, where the air passing through the tunnel supports the children in the air, creating a realistic feeling of flying. The glass walls allow trainers, parents, and guardians to monitor the children’s progress and provide guidance and support.

The closed air tunnel was designed with high safety standards. A powerful fan is used to generate a continuous air flow supporting children’s movement in the tunnel. Safety and protection equipment such as protective clothing and safety helmets are available to ensure the safety of children during training. A safe monitoring platform is also available for trainers and observers to monitor performance and provide guidance.

Benefits of learning to fly for children at Ozone Flight School For Kids

Safe learning experience: The closed air tunnel provides a safe and challenging alternative to actual flight in airplanes, with a strong air flow generated inside the tunnel allowing children to experience the feeling of flight and control their body movements in the air. This provides a safe environment for children to discover the skills of aviation without the risks associated with actual flight.

Development of basic skills: Learning the basics of flying at an early age is an excellent opportunity to develop children’s basic skills, requiring focus and coordination between the eyes, hands, and other parts of the body to control body movement in the air. Training in the air tunnel also enhances children’s motor coordination, balance, and focus.

Boosting confidence and self-reliance: The experience of flying in a closed wind tunnel helps children build confidence in themselves and develop a sense of adventure. When children successfully learn to hover and control their movements, they feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their abilities. This has a positive impact on other aspects of their lives and enhances their self-reliance.

Understanding science and physics: A children’s flight school can be an opportunity to teach children science and physics through the experience of flying in a wind tunnel, where children can understand important concepts such as gravity and air resistance and their effect on the movement of objects. Teachers can also include an explanation of these concepts and how they are applied in the process of flying.

Boosting passion and interest in aviation: The experience of flying in a closed wind tunnel may be a great start to developing children’s passion for aviation, which may lead to a desire to pursue aviation studies in the future or practice it as a hobby. A flight school can play an important role in stimulating children and encouraging them to explore new and exciting areas.

Control and Maneuvering: Children are given the opportunity to control their movement inside the closed air tunnel. They learn how to control their height, descent, bending, and rotation. Simplified techniques such as changing body posture and directing limbs are used to control the movement of the air around them. This helps children understand the principles of aviation and how to interact with their environment.

Ozone Flight School For Kids is an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of aviation in a fun and safe way, and this experience can play an important role in developing motor skills, building confidence, and promoting a passion for aviation. If you are looking for an exciting and educational way to discover the world of aviation for your children, then Ozon Aviation School is the perfect choice.

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