Learn about the sport of skydiving and its safe alternative, the wind tunnel OZONE

the sport of skydiving is an exciting activity that attracts many people. It is one of the beloved aerial games for many, where trainees can enjoy the experience of flying and freedom in the air. However, many people are afraid of the idea of flying. Therefore, I will provide you with an article that talks about the sport of parachute jumping, its importance, and the safe alternative to it, which is the OZONE air tunnel

Parachute jumping is considered one of the activities that require courage and high skill. It is an opportunity to enjoy the experience of flying by jumping from planes or high points such as mountains or towers. The parachute is launched, and the jumper takes off into the air. Many people are worried about jumping from a plane or falling from a high mountain. Therefore, the best solution is to fly in the OZONE air tunnel.

“We will continue our conversation about skydiving, which includes many different forms and techniques, and beginners can start with Tandem Skydive , where the trainee is tied to a professional instructor by a rope, and the parachute is automatically opened after jumping, allowing the trainee to enjoy flying.”

Ozone Flight School For Kids for teaching the basics of aviation in an indoor wind tunnel

After experiencing Tandem Skydive the trainee can progress to freefall jumping, where the parachute is manually opened and additional skills and intensive training are required to ensure safety and enjoy the experience of flying freely.

Skydiving is also a competitive sport, where professionals can participate in various competitions and challenges such as precision landing, where participants must land in a designated area with high accuracy, and perform stunning movements and shapes in the air.

This sport is a great activity to improve physical fitness and build self-confidence. It requires high concentration, body control, good physical strength, and provides an opportunity to break away from daily routine and experience the unique flying experience.

One of the negative aspects that make skydiving a dangerous sport is the possibility of a malfunction or error leading to an unsafe landing. Therefore, comprehensive training and strict safety measures must be followed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Trainees must also wear appropriate safety equipment, such as helmets and parachutes, and follow the instructions of qualified trainers.

OZONE Air Tunnel is the first air tunnel in Kuwait that allows you to experience flying and skydiving without the need to jump from a plane and without any risk. It also gives you the opportunity to participate with friends or family in competitions and challenges, and does not require any previous experience in flying. Ozone is one of the best places in Kuwait to enjoy a special holiday.

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